Condemned Lemon Cucumbers

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. These are some of our homegrown lemon cucumbers on their way to the pickling jar. They make me wish I was a kid again. Not because of some romantic notion of growing your first vegetables. Oh no, no, no, I wish I was a kid again because of the baseballish shape and little painful spikes on the skin of these little babies, which make them prime "Bean Your Brother" projectiles. As an adult, all I do is cut them up and eat them - how boring is that? But they do taste good. Anyway, they also make good subjects for the lighting experiment you see above. After finishing, I took another look at it and, for some odd reason, was reminded of Rembrandt's "The Raising of Lazarus." I'd show you a picture of that wonderful painting, but all the shots on the web are far too light. The darks and lights employed in the painting are so dramatic. Rembrandt was a gutsy painter. Sorry for the wandering commentary – cucumber projectiles to Rembrandt is a painful stretch.
Posted August 11, 2010
sold • private collection phoenix, az

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