6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Every now and then, you just need to throw down some stuff
and attack/paint it. Actually, I couldn't really throw these bottles down, because they would have broken, but you get the gist. Having somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 bottles in my studio, you would think I would paint more of the them. Many were scavenged from various places – from thrift shops, bushes, or even the royal kitchen. Someday, I will get my courage up and once again attend that satanic ritual they call the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. An artist could blow one heck of a wad on bottles and tchotchkes at that oh-so-evil event (I love it). About yesterday's painting: Thanks to all who emailed me with their comments. I have never received so many messages containing the word "dark" so emphatically used before.
Posted August 13, 2010
sold • private collection osler, saskatchewan, canada

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