Red Truck

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I am a typical guy, hence, thus, ergo, consequently, whatever, I love my truck. It might have made for a more dynamic pose if she was at a different angle, but just look at her... she's smiling (she got a new battery). Moving on, shiny red surfaces and chrome are challenging subjects that I find quite enjoyable. Actually, the red not so much. Chrome can be wacky, but it has a fundamental logic to it that you can fall back on if you get lost (i.e., it reflects the sky above, horizon in the middle, the ground below, and the doofus artist smack dab in the middle. I kindly removed the doofus). The red here had the reflections plus warms and cools, twists and turns, and other annoyances. Never mind, I still love my truck.
Posted July 7, 2010
private collection los angeles, ca
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