Under the 101 (large)

30"x20" oil on canvas. A while ago, after I had painted a 40x30 canvas, my friend Anne Saitzyk told me that I'd be hooked on larger painting from then on. Well, I didn't get hooked like she, and I, thought. But... The painting you see here might have ticked me off just enough to finally hook me on this large painting thing. It took me through all the technical levels of painting: "Unbridled Hope" followed by "Yikes!" followed by "Deepest Darkest Despair" followed by "Regrettable Regret" followed by "Okay, I'm taking a break, going in to nosh and then come back and kick your ___ from here til next Tuesday" followed by "Fighting a Little Blind" followed by a little "Healthy Destruction" followed by "Man! This Sam & Dave Disc is Great!" followed by several "Yeah, That's It" mixed with a little "No, That's Not It You Idiot" followed by "Wow, I Didn't Expect That" followed by the "Ever Wonderful, I'm Not Sure" (one of my favorite places to be), followed by "Godsend Spousal Approval/Stop Before You Hurt Yourself" (which was tinged with the look of "Omigod! What are you, a six year old? Don't ask me to get that damn paint out of your clothes, hair and skin!"). It comes down to this: if the painting doesn't tick you off a bit or at least challenge you, what's the point? Outside of just the larger scale, this painting did just that.
Posted February 19, 2010
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