The Evil Acorn

6"x4" oil on raymar panel.

Our Players -
Acorn - A Seed with a Dubious Past
Thing One - A Perpetrator
Thing Two - An Innocent
Spousal Unit - A Goddess
Artist - The Author and Lowly Wretch

Our Scene - Wilderness around Grandma's House

I do not know when the acorn turned to the dark side. But, I suspect it was when Thing One unceremoniously beaned Thing Two with it. It was a blatant attack; Thing One did not even employ the famous ambuscade technique so favored by the local tribes. A lonely seed used for such a nefarious purpose, without any further counsel, could easily turn to evil. All I really can tell you for sure is, that upon confiscation of said projectile, the Spousal Unit said to the Artist, in her melodious song of a voice, "Stop Laughing! Here, paint this!" So here it is, in all of its evilness, rendered in oils for your consideration.

(The story above illustrates my inability to explain why this particular oak tree seemed to produce only one dark acorn AND how I am not in the mood to write about painting today.)

Posted December 1, 2009
sold • private collection
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