Varnish and Linseed Oil

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Just a couple of items sitting around the studio. I may complain about yellows every now and then, but I must admit, they are fun to chase. Yellow is a color you have to look at honestly and not anticipate its temperature. Yellows can be cool and warm AND they can trip you up. Here is an example: Your head might tell you that when the light hits the linseed oil it will definitely be a warm yellow and when it hits the varnish it might be cool. But stop, and really look. The yellows in this painting contain both warm and cool, due to what is around them. Yellow - a schizoid color and I love it.

Posted November 10, 2009
juried "meritorious entry" richeson 75 small works show
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca
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