Blueish Vase Thingy *

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Time for a glass fix. Just have to paint something made of glass every now and then. This piece came from IKEA. Places like IKEA, thrift shops, and the Rose Bowl Swap Meet are like heaven and hell for a still life painter. They are like heaven when you encounter a great object to paint and it is only 25¢. They are like hell when you are standing in front of a stall at the Rose Bowl, looking at a table full of one hundred year old bottles and you start asking yourself this question, "Does the kid really need to go to college? I mean, I really like these bottles and the kid can always get a job. Right?"

* I call this a "Thingy" because I am still not sure what the heck IKEA's intentions for it are. I'll probably use it like a vase, but it came in a set of three bottles, each with its own stopper and one pouring top thingy like you would use maybe on a bottle of liquor.

Posted October 30, 2009
private collection portland, or
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