6"x4" oil on raymar panel. This painting was birthed backwards. Yikes, what an image that conjures up. Anyway... In painting, as it is with most visual arts, projects are often tested at a small scale first, then if they look promising, they are produced on a larger scale. This does not always work by the way, but that is a diatribe for another time. The first painting I did of this Radio Flyer scooter was a 40" x 30" canvas. That's roughly 750% of the painting you see above. Don't know why I did it backwards. I can tell you that the challenges posed by the wild geometry of this evil little scooter are much greater than they may appear. So much so, that the drawing for the larger painting drove me crazy; consuming me for quite some time. That is very unusual for me, I normally attack a painting, drawing be damned! I view the painting as a living thing that is naturally going to change as I go – good drawing or not. I took that approach on this little guy and just went for it and it came out fine – maybe even a little more dynamic than its larger cousin. Sorry for the long commentary today, but that scooter is evil.

Posted September 23, 2009
private collection santa clarita, ca
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