Dragonfly on Bottle

6"x4" oil on board. This is the way it works around here: Spousal unit comes up and says, "Look, I found a dead dragonfly. Isn't it beautiful?" Okay, this seems innocent enough, but it is actually a cue for me to run as fast as I can and hide. But being the way I am, I stand there like a post waiting for the inevitable dictate. And it comes, floating on that beautifully melodic voice I love, "Paint it!" This, being a royal command, must be obeyed. Have you ever painted a dragonfly? Let me tell you, it's no walk in the park. My first instinct was to just lean it up against a background. The wicked shadows this translucent baby threw and the fact you could see those shadows through the wings, made me think I was having quadruple vision. So, I came up with what you see, the deceased graciously stuck in the top of this little bottle. Her Highness was pleased (she offered me a cookie).

Posted August 5, 2009
private collection santa monica, ca
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