Bent Pirate

10"x8" oil on canvas panel. Maybe I should have called this "Argh!" This was actually a very nice painting session. This portrait belies the fact that this particular model is a very pleasant fellow. He looks ready to run you through with his cutlass here, but that's him mastering his character. If you look at the bottom of the painting you will see my ground peeking through a bit. Okay, it's peeking more than a bit, but I kinda like it that way. If I use a base/ground color, it is usually raw sienna. Many artists claim that facing a bright white canvas throws them off a bit. When I begin a painting, I usually cover the surface with paint rather – how shall I say? – expeditiously, so the white of the gesso doesn't bother me much. I just want to paint!

Posted July 28, 2009
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