Around Los Alamos #2

4"x6" oil on board. Thanks to everybody who wrote to me about yesterday's painting. Yes, it is true, I do not often paint landscapes. Considering the response, I might do more. They will come, if they come at all, in bursts based on location just as the above is number two of three in a series of the same place – a ranch outside the little town of Los Alamos, California. This view is ninety degrees from the view of yesterdays post. The Pacific Ocean is roughly twelve miles over those hills, as the crow flies that is. Of course, if you try to fly over there like a crow, you will be shot down by the demure denizens of Vandenberg Air Force Base. Or, if they miss (and believe me – they won't), a kid with a BB gun in Lompoc will get you.
Posted July 3, 2009
private collection santa monica, ca
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