6"x4" oil on board. For
those of you unfamiliar with this toy, it is a head of a LEGO person and yes, it is being squeezed by a clothespin. There are about a gazillion of these little people around my house and I had the luck to step on this one with my bare foot in the middle of the night. If you think this punishment extreme, you should see what I did to the body. All torturing mirth aside, this was fun to paint. Maybe the levity helped, I don't know, but it just seemed to flow: brush to palette to board, over and over. At some point, during one of those trips, I looked up and realized it was done. This little toy that brought on my cursing in the dark also brought on an enjoyable painting experience – I think he deserves a reprieve. The torture was ineffective anyway, no matter how much his cranium was squeezed, he never stopped flashing that demonic smile.
Posted April 6, 2009
sold • private collection glendale, ca
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