My Number Ten

6" x 2-1/4" oil on board. Some people would call this an oddment – a painting on an odd piece of leftover board. I call it a pretty cool. My painting boards are homemade, at least for now, and this is a cut off from the tail end of a row of boards. The subject of this portrait is my trusty number ten brush. I tend to paint with filberts, not the nuts, the longish rounded brushes. I also tend to paint in what might be called a vigorous manner (I wear my poor brushes down to the nub), using them not only like a brush, but also as a knife, chisel and the occasional spackling knife. I even turn them around and use the pointed end of the handle. Hey, life's too short – if all I had was a stick, I'd paint with it.

Posted April 20, 2009
sold • private collection bell canyon, ca
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