Yankee Point in a Bottle

6"x4" oil on door skin. Yankee Point is a Ceanothus, which is a western native. Yankee Point has deep green leaves and beautiful spires or clusters of blue/violet flowers. The bees are partying on these plants right now. I find them drunk and passed out on my front porch at night. Purple brings up an interesting challenge. It can be one of those colors that might just require an additional pigment on a palette. My palette is relatively limited at six to maybe eight colors. There are other painters whose palettes contain upwards of 35. While I might admire some of these artists, that number seems a bit like an overkill — until you hit colors like purple. There are certain purples/violets that just need the aid of an additional purple from the tube.
Posted February 4, 2009
private collection orangevale, ca
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