Crescent Wrench

6"x4" oil on door skin. Ah, she is beauteous... The Crescent Wrench. What a useful tool. Its adjustability makes it the "go to" wrench in a pinch, from loosening or tightening odd sized nuts and bolts to banging on a sibling's toy. It belongs in the pantheon of great inventions, right next to the humble paper clip, the ever-useful saran wrap, and the venerable potato gun. As far as being a subject for a painting: this wrench is part chrome with a surface that changed drastically with the slightest movement of my head. With chrome, you just have to dive in and hope you c
ome out okay on the other side. Painting chrome all the time would be the quickest way for an artist to become a complete basket case.
Posted January 20, 2009
private collection west hollywood, ca
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